Preventive diagnostics and genetics

Detailed genetic studies, laboratory tests and innovative screening methods.
Biological portrait
Based on biological tests performed in the world's most high-tech laboratories, we can describe predispositions to various diseases, hormonal status, and the current state of the body with the highest accuracy.
Organic acids
Determining the causes of disease development

The test provides a complete metabolic snapshot of a patient's overall health by analyzing 70 markers. It provides an assessment of yeast and intestinal bacteria.

From €500
Florascan (Intestinal dysbiosis)
Integral analysis of intestinal health

The study is composed of the quantification of the microbiota, together with the study of markers of inflammation, permeability, immune response, metal toxicity, neurobiology and metabolic activity of the microbiota and the biotransformation of Bile Acids.

Starting from €550
Discover your biological age

It is a genetic test that measures telomere length to quantify the degree of cellular aging of the organism. You will get a complete report with your cellular age and suggested treatment.

Food Sensitivity
Customize your daily diet

The test determines which products are contraindicated specifically for your body. A diet based on the test results can have immediate results in the fight against allergies, overweight, restore normal insulin production, get rid of unpleasant digestive problems, increase energy and stamina, destroy eczema, cope with impotence.

Starting from €200
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